Huntleys & Palmers Release Second ‘Clyde Built’ Compilation


Following the success of the previous 'Clyde Built' compilation which featured music from the likes of Mr TC, General Ludd and more, Huntleys & Palmers have now returned with a second edition. The new release follows suit by drawing focus to artists beneath the wider radar and features tracks from the likes of Big Miz, Sad City and Hammer. Andrew describes the release as follows:

"The concept remains the same as the first time round – free download which shines a spotlight on the lesser known artists from Glasgow's rich underground scene. The only difference is that it will feature a completely different cast of 20+ artists who weren't involved the first time. 

The quality is equally as high and features everything from soothing ambient, acid, electro, house, techno, some edits and even a bit of free jazz by the likes of Hammer, Dixon Avenue's Big Miz, Hausfrau, MermaidS, and the experimental side repped by Tut Vu Vu, Apostile, Chump and several Green Door affiliated projects such as Golden Teacher's Laurie and Ollie's excellently named 'The Pitt's, plus some one-offs for this comp."

Grab the compilation HERE

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