Hardfloor Return To Acid Techno – Listen


In 'Acperience', Hardfloor have got a bloody good claim to have made one of the greatest acid techno tunes ever written. And don't even get me started on their 303 drenched version of Robert Armani's Circus Bell's…  Now the German duo have returned to the acid techno fray, uploading a snippet of their remix of Japanese outfit Gekkan Probowler's "Mina 303" to the Hardfloor soundcloud. The track bangs along like a mid 90s Harthouse record run through Pro Tools, which really, is no bad thing. The snippet's all well and good, but the Hardflor chaps have also posted a link to the full length YouTube video, so that's what we're going with, check it out below. From what we can figure, the trakc is going to be available on iTunes from June 25th, although whether that's a Japanese only release or worldwide is unclear.

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