Gucci Mane ft. Pharrell


This is, for my money, the best track the Neptunes have wheeled out since ooohhhhhh, like 2002 or something. Its a sugar sweet return to Frontin territory with crooning and lush melodies that appear to have been birthed in the heart of the longest summer day your teenage lovelorn self ever experienced. The lyrics feel like they were carved on a school desk and at one point Pharrell and Gucci start going Wheeee like 12 year olds riding a roundabout made of candy and goodness. To cap it all, the beat has this magical little tic-tocking that puts me in mind of Oompa Loompas covering MJs The Girl Is Mine whilst churning out Scrumpdiddlyumptious Bars, but without the funny voices and dwarfism.

Ian Mcquaid