Former Radio 1 Dj Mike Read Records Calypso Ode To Ukip


In a gift to satire writers across the land, wrinkly headcase Mike Read has taken it upon himself to release an ode to UKIP. A calypso ode to UKIP. Sung in a fake Caribbean accent.

In a definitely-not-racist moment of clarity, former Radio 1 DJ Read decided it was time for him to take up arms in the good fight. So he went right out there, dusted off his best impression of a Jamaican, and recorded a ditty praising UKIP and attacking immigration policy. UKIP leader Farage was quick to add his support, optimistically beseeching his twitter followers to 'Help get the UKIP Calypso by The Independents to Number 1'. Naturally, the tune is a work of monumental artistic import, and Read's absolutely-not-racist impersonation of a Jamaican is the finest slice of nuanced comedy since Curry & Chips got cancelled. Listen below, and dream of a wonderful time where Britain was for the British, Mike's smooth tones were a staple of daytime radio, and you could impersonate the funny, stupid proclivities of Johnny Foreigner without everyone suggesting that you're a doddering old fuckwit with a loose grasp on reality.