Flug 8 channels the cosmos on a new EP


The eclectic producer has reimagined the stars as part of a new EP for Ransom Note Records forthcoming later this year. The release follows on from an album he released previously this year called "Hypnotische" and channels an obsession with air travel and space. It features four tracks, carefully crafted, that dazzle and sparkle with a subtle nod towards the outer reaches. Deeply melodic and layered in texture, the EP is playful and yet driven at the same time. The Offenbach based producer has already rallied support for the EP from the likes of Michael Mayer, Honey Soundsystem, Marcus Worgull & more… 

A full tracklist can be seen below:

1 | Spacemodulation
2 | Autopilot
3 | Polarprojektion
4 | Magnetometer

Listen to a track here:

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