Factory Floor


DVD-rip from Factory Floor, released with this 10″ package a few months ago.

I’ve been desperate to post more FF stuff but don’t wanna stop anyone from buying their stuff. This shouldn’t do any harm though – a one-hour long ‘art installation’ type thing with them making lots of strange noises over it. I can’t remember the last time I was this blown away by a band – this lot (along with BEAK> and Neu!) are the best thing I’ve seen this year, and they’re playing Glasgow again soon at the Electric Frog Carnival (good old Optimo).

I’m in a very good mood while posting this (unusual for a Monday morning) due to the fact that I’ve just heard that 6Music is saved! Fucking amazing news. All that pestering must have done the trick. Now if only I could wave another magic wand and the fairies would come round and clear up the post-weekend debris in my flat…

Factory Floor – Solid Sound Video
Pt1 / Pt2 / Pt3 / Pt4 / Pt5 / Pt6 / Pt7 / Pt8


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