Factory Floor


Back in 2005 there wasnt room to swing a dead cat without clocking a lame post punk outfit in their collective kissers. BLAM ! Fur and claws all up in your face White Rose Movement ! Nowadays scenester bands with broadband, haircuts and fuck all talent have crossed out Joy Division and written Arthur Russell all over their copy books, clearing the decks for a group like Factory Floor to indulge in superlative monochrome cold wave antics without being lost amid a mire of the bland. Teaming up with New Order man Stephen Morris has turned out to be a great move (no shit..) and the first of the mixes of this 2 track 12 is the one for me, with a driving industrial arpeggio dredged from the Tresor bank vault and strangled with garbled vocals and slashes of dischordant guitar. It has all the vitality found when icicle punk stylings meet 12 disco aesthetics, and comes across as both a tribute to 80s acts such as Malaria and Cabaret Voltaire, and a sharply relevant indication of how the sound can kick and shiver its way onto dancefloors in 2010.

Listen on juno here


Ian Mcquaid