After leaving VHS new-wave to concentrate of dark digital dub, Dylan Ettinger's new one drops on the always good Not Not Fun records. The results this time are more song based but not afraid to let the sounds carry the meaning.

After channeling a repvious relationship for inspiration, Dylans vocals come through dry and haunted with a previous happier time. All this talk of white sand beaches and gazing at the sky, you could be forgiven for thinking this was an upbeat track, but the cold industrial sounds show you that this memory hurts to remember.

Pretty much everything Dylan releases is worth a listen and with the success of Metal Dance compliation showing an interest in the colder side of dance, this album is locked into that dystopian groove.

Dylan Ettinger – Arco Iris

Not Not Fun records here

Dylan on boomkat & 7digital

photo copyright: Drekka from the photoshoot of the album cover


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