Definitive Biography Of Super Furry Animals’ Released Feb


Super Furry Animals have spent the past two decades being effortlessly weird. They've made albums and albums of quite brilliant psychedelia, and spunked their cash on the sort of good stuff that rock stars should spunk their cash on (an ex-army tank they painted blue, 60 foot inflatable monsters, a trip to hang out the guerillas of Colombia jungle – all fine choices). So the new biography of their career should prove to be quite the read…. Written by ex Art Rocker jounalist Ric Rawlins- with full cooperation from the band –  the book Rise of the Super Furry Animals also features illustrations from long term SFA artist Pete Fowler.

The book is coming out on February 19th from publishers The Friday Project – Creation Records boss Alan McGee had the following to offer-

‘Initially I just heard Super Furry Animals as being similar to Blur. So I thought, well fuck! Blur sell lots of records, I could have my version! Little did I know that I was signing the Beach Boys meets fucking Gong meets Isaac Hayes on a fucking acid trip…’