David Guetta


David Guetta continues his one man mission to besmirch the careers of hip hops biggest names with his generic, abysmal euro cack. First up he sorted out Kelly Rowland and Akon, both massive arseholes in their own right (fond as I am of an Akon sing-along, he owns a fucking diamond mine therefore = evil). Now Daves moving onto more credible artists, recently gifting Kelis with the worst song shes ever released, before turning to stroke his fudgy production fingers all over man of the moment Kid Cudi. Theres no place for this music anywhere. You already know what it sounds like. It could possibly be played to a club full of cloth eared rich inbreds, lurching to its uplifting beat in between paying 30 for a tumbler of peasant spit and incompetently planning a coup of an Equatorial Guinea. So, big in Bungalow 8 I dare say. To give an alternative review of this track, heres a comment from the youtube video:

Stoner song, party song, get? away from life song.. Kick ass song

So what do I know eh.

Ian Mcquaid