Dark Entries Release Debut Ep From De-Bons-En-Pierre


The debut EP from De-Bons-en-Pierre is set for release on 6th February on Californian imprint Dark Entries. 

Recorded in Brussels at Maoupa's home using a Roland TR-808, TR-606, SH-101, CR-78, CR-8000, two Syncussions and effects. It features 23 minutes of pure, unadulterated weirdness interspersed with gargles, sludgy synths, and leviathan rhythms. 

Mazzocchetti's influence and fondness of the electro-industrial aesthetic of the late 70s and early 80s is very much apparent, particularly on The Mud Man Is Coming, which wouldn't sound out of place at a dingy, warehouse rave of that era.

The duo came up with the food-related title for the EP after bonding over a love of crepes- "There was a bit of a language barrier," says Beau.

Each copy of the record includes a two-sided postcard with a photo taken during the recording session.

Listen and buy HERE

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