Cylob To Release 7 Track Ep On Power Vacuum Records


Rephlex Records artist, and all round circuit burner Cylob, has got a new 7 track EP coming out through the London based Power Vacuum Records. Surprisingly, this will be Cylob's first vinyl release in over a decade, and sees the producer mining tracks from a period spanning 2007 – 2014. Power Vacuum label boss Bintus offered the following on the project:

''There are 7 tracks which were selected from over 100 ideas, sketches and demos he sent me. Some of the tracks were pretty much finished, some had to be worked on.  
The interesting thing is, although he is a hugely respected electronic composer, there hasn't been a vinyl release since 2004. He has released digitally himself since then, but it's quite an underground operation. I think he decided to withdraw somewhat from the industry side of things, but continued to write. I felt quite privileged to be able to listen to this music (which was made between the period 2007 – 2014 i think) and select what I thought were the best tracks for Power Vacuum.’'  

Titled Inflatable Hope, the EP will be released on June 23rd. Listen to sound clips below, and check the Power Vacuum bandcamp to grab a copy.