crows nest Glastonbury preview &talk

Continuing our preview of that little festival in a field somewhere over in the West Country, we stop by the Crow’s Nest. After the success of previous secret acoustic shows by (among others) Metronomy, Villagers, Stornoway, The Bees, I am Kloot and the unforgetable Master Musicians of Joudouka, this year The Crows Nest promises another great line-up of last-minute specials, including the lunchtime album of the day, the genius of Monsterism/Seahawks Pete Fowler and the rhythms of the Soul Jazz Sound System.

We invited the fine folk behind the area at Glastonbury to drop by and deliver a wopping youtube playlist and chat on subjects as varied as Charlie Watts’ Happy Hardcore DJ sets/Bono’s Grundies and chain-mail speedos…..

Hello! List 10 people you can’t wait to see and who we should catch this year via the power of youtube…

I cant wait to see Goat 3 times, Matthew E White, Steve Mason, King Krule, Fuck Buttons, The Horrors, Sly and the Family Stone, Fimber Bravo and Teleman. In reality I guess I might see Goat if I’m lucky otherwise will be perched up the hill at the crows nest. There’s also some great DJs at the Stonebridge bar this year, so much to see,  I’ll be pretty happy though.

Is any of your area being streamed anywhere by the BBC’s 650,000 different cameras this year for those not lucky enough to get a ticket?

I hope so!

Will you be going to watch the Stones? Have you seen them before?

I haven’t seen the Stones yet, though we did have Jade Jagger pass through the nest last time! I’m going to give it a go, thinking about how to get there and back in an hour and a halfHow much is it to hire a bubble helicopter?

Am I right in thinking Keith Richards is playing a secret set at the Stonebridge/Crow’s Nest this year?!

I wish. Charlie did offer to play a  happy hardcore set but we turned him down. We’ve heard Keef is a mean dub DJ though.

I was going to ask what your ultimate fantasy festival or rave venue would be but I’m assuming it’d be Glastonbury? Answer that one and try to be diplomatic! 🙂

Glastonbury in the sunshine is the ultimate festival site. I guess you could add a beach but its inland location makes that a little tricky. there is probably one there somewhere though, in fact we hear there’s an underground river flowing directly underneath the Nest. I kind of hoped there would be a hot tub at the crow’s nest this year but i dont think we got that through, though we’re still waiting for confirmation.

5 glastonbury highlights before you got involved with the machinations of the festival:

The first time obviously… a mind stretching experience for a young innocent lad
Super Furries and their change into yeti costume. Also seeing the Happy Mondays crew printing out tickets on the colour photocopier they had set up in their van running from a generator. Ah, the bad old days!
Jay-z and the arrival of the park, when it all started to come together in the new era of glastonbury.

And 5 since you have been

It feels good having a job to do at glastonbury, feels right after going for so many years. its very satisfying, so all those moments when it feels like its coming together at the crow’s nest 
Metronomy last year – it was the first band we are involved with to play on the pyramid stage. That felt pretty good, plus how they managed to do an almost unplugged set and rocking it (Stephen). 
The Master Musicians of Joujouka were also far out and insane energy at the crows nest. Their fertility dance with the little feller in a bear skin was one of the most surreal and magical things I’ve seen on site and that’s saying something!

Who’s more techno and why; your Mum or your Dad?

Mum or dad? Mad.

Are you a kick drum, hi hat or a snare? And why?

Kick drum obviously! We’re nowhere without the DOOF!

Best festival headline slot you’ve ever seen?

Bono changing his grundies.

Most random person from your past you ever bumped into a a festival?

Lord Lucan.

Rave related iPhone app they ought to invent.

Brain cell destruction monitor.

Should festivals ban mobiles?

Absolutely not! I’ve found secret gigs and events via twitter at festivals so no, we’ll keep them thanks.

Biggest festival vibe killer?

Monday morning, last chopper out of Saigon vibe.

What are you obsessed with at the moment?

Deciding over chain mail speedos and a goat skin poncho or day glow pink oil skins. There’s worse things to obsessed about!

Seek out the Crow’s Nest at the back of the Park Stage this year.
“come find us right at the top of the park field… keep going… yep right up that hill… it will be worth it…”
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