Chino, Eltron and Universo feature on compilation to save Krakow club Swieta Krowa


In an effort to support Święta Krowa (Holy Cow), a small independent venue in Kraków, over 30 Polish producers have come together to release a compilation.

Spread across two volumes, the release brings together some of Poland's foremost underground electronic music producers, including Chino, Universo, TAMTEN, Eltron and Mchy i Porosty, with the contributions randing from ambient and experimental to house, techno and industrial.

As well as showcasing the thriving underground scene in the country, the compilation represents the community that surrounds Święta Krowa, a small venue that prides itself on supporting the local scene, new and non commercial ideas and emerging musicians. With the lockdown measures in place due to the pandemic, all clubs have been asked to close with no information provided and little help from the Polish government.

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