Cherrystones curates new compilation of punk and wave on Touch Sensitive


The second in the ‘Critical Mass’ series sees renowned digger, collector and curator Cherrystones pick some of his favourite records from across a breadth of sounds and styles for the label. Regarded as ‘a dj’s, dj’ his taste has been praised and acclaimed from all corners of the electronic music community including by the likes of Femi Adeyemi, Vladimir Ivkovic and Ivan Smagghe. 

The compilation is to be released five years following the first and features eighteen tracks of rare post punk, wave and industrial music lost to the depths of time. Cherrystones, real name Gareth Goddard, reflects on the tracks which made the cut…

“This is not a rare-for-rare-sake appendix of bands designed to showcase exclusivity and superiority”.

A sampler is streaming online now: