If you went round Caspas yard back in 2008, hed cook you a bleeding steak accompanied by a gritty iron and wasp sting puree. Hed tie you to your chair and jam it into your mouth with a spoon carved from your thigh bone and all the time hed have his Fabric mix with Rusko blasting at a horrendous volume into your rupturing ear drum, and it would all be an intense and memorable experience, although seldom pleasant. Nowadays if you go round his house hes more apt to cook up a nice honeyed souffl which hell be happy to drip languorously upon your moistened tongue whilst his new smooth-and-beautiful-direction track Back For The First Time caresses out of his bassbins. On the whole its a whole lot nicer going round his place these days, but the intensity and memorability seem to have pissed off.

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Ian Mcquaid