Carl Craig & Green Velvet Drop Surprise Album


In a kind of Detroit – Chicago double-pronged sneak attack, Carl Craig and Green Velvet have only gone and secretly recorded a 7 track album, then gone and chucked it online with zero fanfare or build up press. They are the collective Beyonce of rave. The album, titled Unity, is some no messing, jack-your-body house and techno bang that makes zero attempt to fix somethig that ain't broken. And that turns out to be a great idea. Stream the lot below and find out for yourself- we're saying Murder of the Innocent, How, and Let It Go are the ones to watch – Murder of the Innocent in particular is a beautiful meeting of a Your Love style arpeggio with some spiritual synth lines that wouldn't have sounded out of place on Selected Ambient Works vol 1. Good work! Now go grab a copy from over here.