Bullion’s New Video Is Possibly Best Thing We’ve Ever Seen


OK, so we're going to have to just admit it. we're a bit late on this one. About 3 weeks ago, Bullion released a video for his forthcoming track Saysah!, one of 6 cuts that will be featured on his Greco Roman release the Rooster EP. The thing is, it's really, really weird, and really, really good. Seemingly drawing influence from the animations of French cult classic Fantastic Planet and Monty Python's Terry Gillingham, then reshooting them as a psychedelic live action brain melter, Saysah! is quite simply like nothing else we've seen this year. And that's not even considering Bullion's oddball child-like production which, sounding like the sort of thing the Cantina Band in Star Wars would play for an encore, is also way out there in a field of it's own. If you're sick of lazy recycled 90s dance tropes, and producers minig sample packs rather than coming up with ideas, this is probably just the antidote… 


Bullion's Rooster EP is out via Greco Roman on July 17th