B.Traits relaunches her Baby T alias with release on Samurai Music


Canadian DJ and producer B.Traits has announced a return to her roots with the relaunch of her Baby T alias and a first release via Berlin's Samurai Music. 

A departure from the sounds she's become known for as B.Traits, her Portra EP sees her revisit the styles she was playing when she started out at 18, a mix of drum & bass, jungle, breakbeat and hardcore. It contains three diverse versions of the title track – Hybrid, Ambient and Jungle – and is an introduction to the styles Baby T will touch on in future. 

B.Traits AKA Brianna Price had been an established radio broadcaster for BBC Radio for six years before fully dedicating herself to music production. She launched her own IN.TOTO in 2016 and continues to focus her time on her multi-sensory live project ‘Paciphonic’.  

Discussing the relaunch of Baby T, B.Traits said…

Baby T is an alias that I am breathing new life into. Originally, my name was Baby Traits (as in baby "features" — I was 18 when I started touring in North America) and as I began to get more DJ bookings within the jungle community, I abbreviated Baby to B so that the name was more androgynous, to prevent the unnecessary attention and bad-mouthing I got whenever people found out I was female.

In a sense, it's a reclamation of my original alias—I played faster back then: hardcore, drum & bass and jungle—and that's where I’m going back to with Baby T, but this time I'm not 18, and I have zero fucks to give.

I've always been a shapeshifter as B.Traits but sometimes eclecticism can be confusing. I feel I need another outlet to create music that has no specific expectations. I want to get back to my jungle roots properly.”

Portra will be released on 1st May on Samurai Music. Check out the 'Jungle Mix' below…