beware the ipna


The fun police are on the verge of a massive coup – a bill is extremely close to passing through the House of Lords that can potentially criminalise anyone, without them having to break any existing law – and the punishment can last for a lifetime. Sound ridiculous? Yes. Is it a reality? Very much so. 

The Anti-Social, Crime and Behaviour Bill is expected to receive Royal Assent by Spring 2014, and will bring about ‘simplified’ and ‘more effective’ processes to cut back on ‘anti-social’ behaviour, the IPNA (‘Injunction to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance) is a sort of souped up ASBO proposed to protect ‘victims and communities’ from anti social behaviour. On the face of it, not so terrifying, but scratch the surface and it starts to smell rather fishy…. 

Read George Monbiot’s piece in the Guardian for more info.