Bestival Takes Record For World’s Largest Disco Ball


Rob Da Bank's Bestival has long been a favourite of punters – now the yearl Isle of White shindig is set to pass into DISCO HISTORY. As the title of the article no doubt let you know, this year Bestival smashed into the Guinness Book of Records by hosting the world's largets ever disco ball. Which is as pretty good a record to break as any we can think of. Here's what Bestival had to say:

"Topping the tape at 10.33 metres, the dazzling disco beauty is as high as a three storey building, is covered in 2,500 mirrored tiles that would stretch out for a kilometre if you laid them end to end, and is filled with 350 cubic metres of air; equivalent to one thousand beach balls!"

"Verified by Mark McKinley from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS the Disco Ball was measured by surveyor Ollie Salter at midday on Sunday (7th September), before clinching the record when it was raised and spun, with a suitably disco-tastic light show, at the start of Chic featuring Nile Rodgers’ epic finale set on Sunday evening. And now we’re very proud say that Bestival holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Largest Disco Ball."

Can we just pause and throw up the only fitting tribute to this monumentous occasion we can come up with:

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