Berlin Based Collective, Oqko, Announce New Romain Iannone Album


Swiss producer Romain Iannone is set to release a new LP on Berlin imprint oqko on 30th May. 

'Nocturne Works' will be released on tape and will come packaged with moonflower seeds. Romain explains that the album is to be seen as a series of 'sketches' as opposed to full tracks.

Iannone says of the project: "I feel it is something quite similar to a drawing or photo, trying to take a snapshot of a moment, a sensation in time. A kind of picture. I like to think that music is like the process of a plant that tries to grow- different stages, different colours, different forms. Not always perfect. Sometimes there's a flower, sometimes not."

The album focusses on the brief blossoming of the nocturnal moonflower and explores the intertwining relationship of music and nature.

Listen to FEV 01 below:

To pre-order head HERE.

Main image credit: Hugo Plagnard 

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