Benga Takes To Twitter To Explain Mental Health Issues


Today saw dubstep pioneer Benga take to Twitter to reveal the reasons behind his surprise retirement from music. Showing an honesty that's brave as it is rare, Benga announced that he had been dealing with a debilitating combination of depression, bipolar disorder and scizophrenia. "I dont want sympathy but to raise awareness." he wrote, "Because if I had help early the damage could have been controlled!"

As fans and fellow DJs sent in messages of support, the man who was responsible for some of dubstep's biggest moments – including the evergreen anthem Night – told an all too common story.



He went on to write the following- 

"I might as well explain it on here. My bipolar was brought on by drugs and the schizophrenia was the result of excessive touring. 

Which is why I dont want sympathy but to raise awareness. Because if I had help early the damage could have been controlled!

If you know someone that suffers from mental health issues you'll understand how alone you feel until it's regonised. Many people suffer.

The thing is I was able to take medication for a few months prescribed by doctor who was able to tell exactly what my condition was.

Now my girl stood by me through all of my most manic behaviour which I'll explain at a later date.

The stigma around it is what makes you so alone…. Nobody regonises it

But for the people around me ie skream and artwork they must have been so terrified. Not to mention hurt by my behavior. <3 to them

 I hope I can help change that. And that could be why I'm on this planet. Who knows?"

Finally he concluded –



In a positive end to the stream of tweets, the producer then posted a new track, hopefully sign that he's returning to music – listen below –