Bell Towers to release debut LP


The Public Possession affiliated producer and musician is set to release a pop inspired record via the label in collaboration with Cascine. "Junior Mix" is the first full length release from Bell Towers who has previously appeared on on Cocktail d'Amore, UTTU and Internasjonal. The album is centred far more around pop inspired music and also features numerous vocal contributions from Rohan himself and will be available from the 6th of March. 

He's described the record himself:

"After nearly nine years of making club records, I felt like the time was right to evolve my sound into making pop records about the club,"

Snippets from the album are streaming online now:

A full tracklist can be found below:

01. Juicy Blend
02. Golden Wool
03. Still Got Life
04. Roll With Me
05. Icey Slide
06. Want You (Need You)
07. Maybe We Can Work It Out
08. Privacy
09. Juicy Blend (Groove)
10. Broken Airblade