Awesome Tapes From Africa Announce New Album From Awa Poulo


Malian singer Awa Poulo will release her first internationally distributed album via Los Angeles based label Awesome Tapes From Africa.

Having locally released tapes and CDs over the past number of years, the singer of Peulh origin from the Dilly commune, Mali, will release Poulo Warali on January 20th 2017.

The eight track LP is a collection of deftly assembled folk music that roots itself within Peulh traditions with flutes, n’goni (lutes) and calabash gourd hand percussion while simultaneously incorporating wider Malian sounds like distorted guitars and jubilant rhythms.

Poulu is a unique artist in many ways, with female musicians rarely performing publically in the largely pastoral Peulh communities such as Dilly. Her and her band’s incorporation of broader Malian styles into their music allows the accessibility to transmit further outside the realm of the Peulh tradition, giving her community oriented lyricism a wider breath of audience throughout Mali and, now, the wider world. Poulo Warali  was recorded by American producer Paul Chandler at Studio Mali in Bamako. 

Awesome Tapes From Africa started in 2006 as a way of showcasing lesser known music from the African continent but has since expanded to become a vastly successful crowd-sourced public archive, record label and acclaimed DJ project. 


01. Dimo Yaou Tata

02. Djulau

03. Djara Wilam 

04. Micdo Yirima

05. Noumou Foli

06. Poulo Hoto Ngari 

07. Pouio Warali 

08. Sidy Modibo 


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