Anja Schneider interview

She’s been away for a while but the hiatus is back off… and she’ll be over these shores for one of her first UK appearances for a while on NYE at Eastern Electrics.
We sat down with Anja Schneider for a catch up on all that’s been going on in the world of mobilee.

You’re based in Berlin – the world’s hub for a mass of electronic music, is there any other city in the world you see yourself living in?

I’ve been living in Berlin now for 17 years and I honestly cannot imagine living anywhere else. It’s my home and the best city in the  

world because all my friends and family are here. The only disadvantage is that Berlin is not by the sea, but you can’t  

have it all! Berln isn’t just interesting because of the electronic music scene however, it has always been interesting for creative people especially musicians – such as Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, David Bowie… Berlin has a very special energy. It can open a lot of doors for your own creativity.

What have been the highlights of 2011 for you and for Mobilee so far?

2011 I had the biggest release in my life, which has changed it completely and launched it into a new dimension. Life is a miracle!

You have been doing your Dancing Under the Blue Moon radio show on Fritz radio for coming up to 12 years now. What has kept you so dedicated to the show for all this time despite obviously becoming  

increasingly busy with Mobilee and playing around the world among other things?

Radio was my first love. It’s a great honour to make a radio show and it’s great to play your favourite music and tell people something about it.. I grew up with radio and for me it’s a very important medium.

It so much fun to do it and I can play of course much stranger stuff than I do in my sets – I’m kind of addicted to the radio.

You travel a lot with your work – is this as big a blessing as it looks to us non DJ’s?

To be honest, it must seem to be a lot of fun, but the traveling itself is a nightmare. You waste so much time at airports in crazy security queues (and most of the time they treat you really badly),  

you play a big part in destroying our environment, you are far from home etc.Although at the end you have the opportunity to meet the most incredible people all around the world, which really opens up your own  


What’s the best thing about what you do?

Making other people happy and sweaty 🙂

You’ve been involved in electronic music since the early 90’s, what changes have had the biggest impact on your music career?

Ha ha – for me personally for sure it’s changing from playing vinyl to  cd 🙂 I’m still waiting for the next change to play finally with Traktor.

You are playing at EE NYE this year, what’s been your most memorable NYE to date?

I’m not such a big fan of NYE, because I hate big expectations and everyone is always totally excited about this date. The most memorable date for me was probably 2000 when I spent the night on a beach in Bali/ Indonesia.

But honestly, I had a blast last 2010/2011 in London and it was so funny that I don’t even remember the venue….I just remember an afterparty with Magda and Heartthrob and I played from the morning and  

during the whole day.

And I imagine you’ll be making this NYE pretty memorable for us, tell us what you’ve got planned for the show?

Oh, I’m already very excited because in 2011 I took a break from DJing and it will be one of my first come back dates and I’m very happy to spend it in London. I’m awaiting a lot of friends, fun and love, I  

can’t wait!


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Anja plays Eastern Electrics NYE. 
Line-up so far:
Bloc: Laurent Garnier 4 Hour Set (!!)
mulletover: Anja Schneider 
Warm: Tensnake

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Want tickets?
Super-early bird 15 tix have all sold out and we’re nearing the end of the 20ers on all channels – don’t you go sleeping on hese now!

Check Anja’s rather good recent mix for Electronic Beats below: