Altern-8 To Sell Original Boiler Suit And Face Mask At Rave Exhibition


Fancy bagging a piece of genuine (if slightly sweaty) rave history? Of course you do… On Feb 24th-26th The Rave Story is taking place inside the Aquarium, Old Street. The 3 day event is bringing together what appears to be the biggest collection of rave memorabilia to have ever appeared under one roof. Alongside an exhibition showing rare and classic flyers, and original artwork from Pez (the artist behind numerous iconic Helter Skelter flyers), there are some true relics of a nutty age on show. We've been told by a pretty reliable source that  – yes – the boiler suit and face mask warn by Mark Archer in Altern8's heyday, is being put up for sale.

Archer is remaining tight lipped on the cost of the suit at the moment, although we can assume it ain't gonna be cheap. Having said that, if you work it out as saving you from ever buying a Halloween outfit again, you're probably coming out on top. Let's just remind ourselves of the look:


More affordable joys can be found in the pop old skool record fair manned by Jerome Hill and Dan Jay, where all manner of rare jungle, UK house and hardcore will be up for grabs. 

In the evening, the exhibition is handed over to a series of seminars covering everything from pirate radio, to warehouse raves, to classic releases. Knowing some of the charatcers involved we can't even imagine the stories that are going to be wheeled out…  Here's the seminar schedule:

Wednesday Feb 24th  – Original Warehouse Stories 

Thursday Feb 25th – The Most Influential Pirate Radio Pioneers

Friday Feb 26th – The Artists Who Inspired So Many 

Guest Speakers across the 3 days; Grooverider & Fabio / Joe Labrynth / Eastman Kool / Paul Ibiza / Mark Archer (Altern 8) / Micky Finn / Jumping Jack Frost / Rat Pack / Allan (Demolition Crew). 

Inevitably, the Friday night session is finishing with a massive knees up, with the Aquarium banging out old skool from Rat Pack, Slipmatt, Jumping Jack Frost, Altern 8, Billy Daniel Bunter & Uncle Dugs until 7am.

Daytime events are free, with limited tickets available for the evening seminars – find out more over here