Alexander Robotnik Shares 90s Techno Excursions


Alexander Robotnik is widely known for creating the synthetic genius of Paradise Garage classic Problèmes D'amour – but perhaps less known for the long career in electronic music he has pursued since that 1983 watershed. To rectify this, you need to check out the playlist Robotnik has just uploaded to Soundcloud, where he compiles some of the techno killers he put together in the late 90s. The tracks are being reissued as the 97 Bad Masters EP, and by and large they sound fairly contemporary, veering from Jeff Mills style hard minimalism, to staccato vocal samples that wouldn't be out of place on a Dance Mania cut. It seems that a producer who was ahead of the game in the 80s, was still ahead of the game in the 90s.

97 Bad Masters is released on 18 November.