“Afro-futuristic sounds of all persuasions.”

It’s a hella hella lot more than just that… EE guides you through th musically heavy back catalogue of Actress’ very short career-span thus far.

Label: Werk Discs (own label)

“One of the UK’s most fascinating musical figures”
Fact Magazine

Darren J. Cunningham has in the last 5 years of running the Werk label set himself apart as one of the hottest A&R scouts within his field, having discovered and released some of the most widely talked about artists of the emerging bass generation, namely Disrupt, Zomby, Lukid and Starkey. As Actress he produced the exceptional “Hazyville LP” in 2008 drawing cries for a Mercury Award Nomination & last year’s Splazsh.

He’s remixed the too cool for school Various Production & Joy Orbison and written for the seminal techno imprints Soma and the crazaily diverse Honest Jons headed by Mr Damon Albarn. He’s performed stunning live shows at Fabric and DJ’d alongside the likes of Juan Atkins, UR, Modeselektor, Radioactive Man, Dabrye, Kode 9 and Flying Lotus… we kid ye not.

“An artist so underground that even his own friends doubt his existence” Dazed & Confused Magazine

Check a wicked, in-depth interview in FACT magazine here.

“I used to be a professional footballer, but I had to stop because of a bad injury I received. The whole reason I moved to London was because my career had been cut short. Football was the thing for me, but I remember when I picked up my first injury I picked up a pair of turntables, and just stuck to my garage, in my plaster, figuring out how to mix. I started buying a few records I picked up on techno straight away; this guy was recommending me stuff on the shuffling tip, like I got into Surgeon at quite an early point. Then I discovered Hard to Find Records, and it was like having a library of deleted stuff available. Id be coming out with ten records at a time, like old Chicago stuff. Then I heard Daft Punk do their Essential Mix on Radio 1, and that for me was pivotal. I remember hunting down the tracklisting, buying every single record that they played. That was the first time I heard techno being mixed with Jimi Hendrix and stuff, I was like damn, okay, theyre doing this on live radio theyre really pushing it. And that told me to not be afraid to mix it up.
Tom Lea interview in FACT magazine

“I just got tired after a while, thinking up more words to put in the “genre” box for Actress’ Splazsh. Dubstep. House. Techno. Experimental. And, really, what’s the point? DJ/producer Darren Cunningham clearly has no interest in them.” Todd L. Burns review of Actress’ Splazsh in Resident Advisor

It’s too true of Actress’ output. Every track’s a crafted work of diverse genius spanning a plethora of influences and genres. You can hear everything from early Chicago and Detroit, through to mid-period Aphex/BOC and expanding into Dub and indeed post Dub-Step… taking in the looped-up majesty of everything that was good about Electronica before it ate itself whole.

Casting your ears over the selection to your left you understand how Actress is the perfect transition between the nu school of Loefah and Braiden into the legendary masters Virgo Four… an incredible room of future thinking aural and head delights… welcome Deviation, we take our hats off… keeping our feet on the floor!

Check the incredible Crushed from 2008′s Hazyville album:

And the more sedate but equally enchanting Ivy May Gilpin from the same album:

Sitting somewhere between Virgo Four and a whole host of Juan Atkins’ productions Redit 124 highlights the incredible reach of influences on his debut album. “I knew it had to be true to what I was into really, and what Ive always been into is Detroit techno.” It’s certainly that.. but it’s far more than that as you can hear for yourself:

Is this an homage to the aforemnentioned Daft Punk, both in name and groove? Looped-up vocals, chugging early-90s MK-infused beats?

The post-Burial (are we really there yet?!!), Four Tet-esque Lost:

Stunning remix of Joy Orbison’s ‘The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow’ from this year.

And his much more up-tempo Funk-inflected remix of Kode 9′s You Don’t Wash:

And the Drexciya-esque ‘Maze’. Love the comment on the tube: “who the the fk clicked dislike??”

You need Actress in your life, believe.

If you don’t already own Splazsh or Hazyville for that matter… rectify that situation here.
Buy Actress

It really is starting to get serious!

Here’s how it’s looking thus far:

DJ Koze (4 hour set)
Clive Henry (Circoloco/Crosstown Rebels)
Geddes (mulletover)

James Holden (Border Community)
The Bug

Benji B & MC Judah

And it’s only going to get better…and better!
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eastern electrics May Bank Holiday 2011
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Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

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