Above Board Curate Orlando Voorn Compilations


The London based distributor has compiled a powerhouse of a release featuring a number of rare and hard to find cuts from Orlando Voorn and his various aliases recorded over some thirty years. The release will be available in three parts, a two track sampler will be followed by two respective compilation albums which feature tracks taken from a variety of EP's that have featured on the likes of Metroplex, Clubstitute, T&B Vinyl, Fragile Records and more. 

Many of the tracks featured on the compilation are highly sought after and showcase the eclectic electronic sounds of the producer who is regarded as a pioneering and prolific figure amidst house and techno spheres. The compilation features an array of collaborations with the likes of Blake Baxter and Juan Atkins.

A full tracklist of that featured can be seen as follows:

Orlando Voorn
Diligence Pt.1

A1. Fix – Diligent
A2. Format – Burning Passion
B1. MUTE – Alastair's Theme
B2. Complex – Edge Of Self-Control
C1. Baruka – Technision
C2. The Ghetto Brothers – Muzik
D1. The Living Room – The Gate
D2. Baruka – Melancholic Strings

Orlando Voorn
Diligence Pt.2

A1. Infiniti – Game One
A2. Complex – Dreamworld
B1. Baruka – Complications
B2. Mute – Raw
C1. The Ghetto Brothers – Back In Business
C2. Baruka – Syncsearcher
D1. Fix – From The Ghetto feat. O. Voorn & B. Baxter
D2. Mute – Frases

Orlando Voorn
Diligence 12" Sampler

A. Life Beyond The Clouds (Vocal) feat. Orlando Voorn & Blake Baxter
B. DX Me Silly

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