A track for lazers, a track for calm


Seeing as ‘them lot’ are dragging their heels on the stuff they ‘actually like’ this week I thought I’d step out into the fray on my own and begin a new little column called ‘A track for lazers, a track for calm.’ Does pretty much what it says on the tin really, because everyone needs a bit of both… so let’s go:

I’m pretty old these days but man the biscuits were good on the weekend… heard the instrumental of this little beauty of a remix from the ever excellent and pretty much legend Mr Robertson amongst the lazers and well… yeah give it a proper going over below. Super great…oh and a free download too. Decent! 

This year I think I’ve been SAD affected more than ever… waking up has been a real ordeal. Can’t help having a hole in the window of the flat so you can’t get out from under the duvet without a pile of blankets wrappred round you. Anyway, enough of my tales of woe and tiredness, this sublime wonderous opus landed in my inbox this morning… and it actually made the wake up acceptable. The product of the incredible Justus Khncke & Alexis ‘Hot Chip’ Taylor’s new project. How can things not be OK when something like this soundtracks it. Saying that, the jury’s out on the story behind the words,  one interpretation is that it could’ve come from miscarrying a baby, so a little sombreness amongst its captivating beauty. A beautiful piece of music.