10 things that keep me going – dennis ferrer & andrEhommen

Dennis Ferrer and Andre Hommen are both deeply embedded in the fabric of house, Andre refers to it as his ‘motherland’ and Dennis has been putting out soulful house music for over fifteen years. Ahead of them sharing the bill at Egg, they sat down to share their top 10 ‘things that keep them going’, taking in as diverse a list as you can imagine – everything from fishing to tennis via German engineering and Depeche Mode…. 
10 Things That Keep Me Going – Dennis Ferrer (In no particular order)

1. Technological advancement in the music making/instruments industry – every few months of the year is like christmas to me. With new gadgets, new plug ins, new programs and new things to try. I’m a kid at heart so this continuously feeds that beast. LOL

2. Love – from family, friends, our children and my fianc. You can only get so far on your own by being reclusive and/or unapproachable.  

3. Sweets – from apple cinnamon donuts to Apple turnovers. From cherry cheesecake to Flan. Im a sucker for this them. I knowI knowgotta watch the intake. lol

4.  Exercising my mind – I try to continuously challenge my mind by trying to learn new things about my craft and other things that interest me. 

5.  Believing I still Haven’t Made It – This keeps my feet on the ground. It still keeps me hungry and inspired. Sometimes it wanes and I need a reminding event but then I’m back in on the grind again. It’s my mantra.and it will continue until i’m done and retired. 

6. My Ego – Lets face itwe’re all in the entertainment business for some sort of compensation.  Some do it for moneysome do it for the adulation of either themselves or the “art” they’ve created. In the end it is our egos that drive us whether we choose to admit it or not. 

7. Skymiles – I swear i’m gonna take a vacation with all of those bastards soona nice one.where I don’t have to spin on any of the days i’m there!

8. My love for making music – Nothing soothes me moreIt doesn’t yell at me.it sings beautifully back to me if i play with it correctly.it allows me to say things that i find difficult to express sometimes. 

9.  Sunny Days Fishing – I don’t get to go out too oftenbut when I doit’s magical for me. It brings me back to being that little boy with a fishing pole and a bobber when life wasn’t all that complicated. It’s my safe and happy place and every one needs to find one of those. No partiesNo interruptionsno phone callscraphardly any conversations for that matter. Just me on a quiet lake..in a boat on calm watersunny dayfishing poleif it gets too hot..then jump right in! lol

10. Life – Self Explanatory

10 Things That Keep Me Going – Andr Hommen (In no particular order)

1. Music – Music in general… without music I wouldn’t do anything / go anywhere. I know its obvious but just wanted to say it one more time… 😉 
2. Miles & More – I think every frequent-traveling person starts to like that miles-action, sooner or later. I know its basically bullshit but I am crazy about miles…. haha. 
3. Friends & Family – They are the ones who give you the most support in what you do. Very important and sometimes a little bit underrated. 
4. Ibiza – It’s a love / hate relationship. Everytime you leave, you’re happy to leave but then the next day you want to go back again  – big time. 
5. Tennis – I may not look like the biggest sports-guy but I really like playing Tennis once a week. Those two hours playing tennis with my childhood-friend is so liberating that it became very important to me. I am available for a challenge btw…
6. Depeche Mode – I know I have said it already 1,43 million times but they are definitely my biggest influence until this day. 
7. Travelling – Yes I still LIKE travelling a lot and getting very excited all the time, especially when it comes to places I have never been. The craziest place I have ever been was a trip to Malabo this year… yea look it up. 
My top 3 destinations: 1 Tokyo / 2 Bali / 3 NYC 
8. VFL 1900 Borussia Mnchengladbach – Up and coming team in the German Bundesliga with realistic chances to get back to the top like in the 70es (I only heard about it though) 😉 
9. To do what I always wanted to do – I am really thankful that I can do what I always wanted to do. It was and is hard work to get into this position but it was worth it and I am enjoying it every second. 
10. The Power of German engineering – Self Explanatory 😉 
Andre and Dennis play at Circus at Egg Club on 20th December. For more info check out the fb event.