Zoon Van Snook Presents: Oddcasts # 3 ‘Eclectic Lady Land’


Roll up, it's the next instalment of my themed OddCasts for the coveted Ransom Note magazine. It's called 'Eclectic Lady Land' and features all under-the-radar female artists. I came up with the theme on International Women's Day, back in March, and 'International' is what I've given you, with artists from Argentina, Denmark, India, Germany, Canada, Mali, France, Northern Ireland, Brazil, Sweden, The US…and all stitched together with vocal samples of Julie Andrews and Delia Derbyshire.

I've continued my collaboration with Berlin's Linda Himbert for the beautiful artwork, which is a piece called 'Balance Dancer' – "It has to do with being strong in a society in which sometimes it's quite difficult to hold your mental balance" – Linda Himbert

OddCasts #3 features a specially bespoke poem called 'Untitled' by Bristol poet and musician Vik Shirley

I will be DJing my Oddtronica set at Gorilla Bar (Gracia) here in Barcelona on Friday 22nd July and the following weekend sees the next edition of my Oddtronica radio show, airing on Saturday 30th of July on Bloop.  and featuring 2 hours of brand new and forthcoming electronic releases.

Track list:

1. Delia Derbyshire 'The Delian Mode' [intro]
2. Kaki King 'So Much For So Little'
3. Juana Molina 'Hay Que Ver Si Voy'
4. Tokimonsta 'Fallen Arches'
5. Sister Rosetta Tharpe 'Up Above My Head' (Acoustic)
6. Kathy Diamond 'Between The Lines' 
7. Rokia Traore 'Wanita'
8. Sally Shapiro 'Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon'
9. Carnival Moon 'I am Czernbroski'
10. Daphne Oram 'Power Tools'
11. Maya Jane Coles 'Wait For You' feat. Tricky
12. Sandunes 'Perfect Fit' feat. Uday Benegal
13. Avalon Emerson '2000 Species of Cacti'
14. Haiku Salut 'Glockelbar'
15. Mira Calix 'Le Jardin de Barbican' (excerpt)
16. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith 'Sundry'
17. Terr 'Metropolis'
18. Julianna Barwick 'One Half'
19. Colleen 'The Happy Sea'
20. Xenia Narati 'Fleur de Lis'
21. Agnes Obel 'Falling Catching'   [Vik Shirley 'Untitled' poem]
22. Rachael Boyd 'Pace It'

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