Stiletti-Ana – The Ransom Note Mix


We're not going to pretend that we know the slightest thing about Helsinki's underground music scene EXCEPT for the fact that it clearly must be on fire at the moment as Stiletti-Ana has burst out from the scene and into our ears, arms and hearts. Having been picked up by I'm A Cliché for a mini-LP (didn't they used to be called EPs?) release, the Finnish mastermind has kindly donated his time and mammoth skills to provide us with this week's corker of a Ransom Note Mix.

Delve in to his aural world here as we quiz him to learn more about the man behind the mix;

Please introduce yourself…
Who are you, where are you and what are you?

I am Ilari Larjosto aka Stiletti-Ana, my name could be translated to english as Switchblade Anthony (stiletti is a finnish word for switchblade). I am in the world and at the moment in Hamburg. I am an honest, handsome and talented young man.

Describe your sound without using the letter 'e'.

Esoteric, erotic and exceptional.

How should we be dancing to your music? Should we even be dancing at all?

Yes, you should dance. More in a ritual way though.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

I don't know, there is no single source of great inspiration. I found people living outside this world and society inspiring. I find this guy inspiring: 

How does your brain work when making music? How does it work when you aren’t?

My brain turns on the autistic music hearing mode where everything else is switched off and I can focus on the tiny little details of the sound and composition. I became very aware of the music. When I'm not doing music my brain functions pretty normally. I have a pretty clear sense on everything, I have no paranoias or obsessions or anything like that.

What's your favourite thing about making music?

Being able to hear things that you haven't heard before. Trying out stuff and playing. That is why I do not have a playstation at home because I have instruments and most importantly electronic instruments and effects. They give me so much joy.

If you were trapped on a desert island with one other person, who would you choose? How long would it be before you eat them?

I'd like to go on my own. But if I'd have to choose someone I'd choose Lemmy. He is funny and he would probably survive cos he's got loads of speed and that would improve my chances to survive too. I am not a cannibal so I wouldn't eat him.

How many times can you stroke a cat before it strolls away?

Zero or unlimited times. It really depends if I have something to feed to the cat or not.

What was the first electronic record you heard and how did it make you feel?

It was probably Klaus Schulze's album Mirage. It showed me the world of deep music. Meditative and hypnotic.

How do you take your tea?

Black or Green. With out any honey or milk. Just pure hot tea. 

When did music last make you shed a tear?

Three years ago.

Are you kick drum, a hi-hat or a snare and why?

Snare. It hits you the hardest and is the most essential drum for me when drumming.

What's your answer to everything?

Stop thinking. Stop sensing yourself. Don't try to analyse every single thing that is going on and you'll have the answer. In general people think and worry too much.

Onto the mix…

Where was the mix recorded?

In Suomenlinnan Studio where I have my studio too.

What would be the ideal setting to listen to the mix?

Relaxing and maybe having a beer. Better to turn off the lights.

Which track in the mix is your current favourite?

Peter Baumann – This Day

What should we be wearing?

Black leather.

What would be your dream setting to record a mix: Location/system/format?

Turntables, effect units, synths and good speakers. Location is not important.

What’s your favourite recorded mix of all time?

There is really special lushness in Jam City's Earthly III mix. But I can't name a favorite recorded mix of all time. Mixes are good but I prefer albums and songs.

If you could go back to back with any DJ from throughout history, who would it be and why?

DJ Deeon. He is the master and has done so much good banging stupid ass music.

What was your first DJ set up at home and what is it now?

I never had a DJ set up at home. Only one turntable for listening records and that's how it still remains. I am not a DJ, I collect and play records but I am not a DJ.

What’s more important, the track you start on or the track you end on?

Every single track is important. There is no room for fillers.

What were the first and last records you bought?

The first record I bought was probably a cd by Beastie Boys. The last record I bought was a really nice and funky electronic library record Fly Me To The Moon! Its got some really marvelous stuff!

If this mix was an edible thing, what would it taste like?

Rhubarb pie.

If it was an animal what would it be?

Corvus Corax.

One record in your collection that is impossible to mix into anything?

Everything is mixable. If you give up the traditional ways of mixing.

Upcoming in the world of Stiletti-Ana?

I've got some nice releases coming up, following the just released LP. There is are at least three collaborational EP's coming up: Trevor Deep Jr & Stiletti-Ana (October 2015), DJ Fettburger & Stiletti-Ana (next year), Randy Barracuda & Stiletti-Ana. Also a new record with my band Tähtiportti and bunch of other release too like the upcoming Skymax record… A band where I teamed up with friends from Vienna.

Anything else we need to discuss?

What happened to his nipples?

Stiletti-Ana's self-titled mini-LP is out now via I'm A Cliché.