R$N Presents: The Noonday Underground Mix With Paula Et Dan


Ransom Note teams up with General Public to give you The Noonday Underground. A once monthly live recorded mix series that champions underground dance music. The event is free and hosted on a Sunday at The Yard Theatre, Hackney wick. Scratch your chin or tap a toe…

The Noonday Underground is an early evening music and community social where DJ's play for 1 hour (ish) slots. The session will be recorded and released throughout the month on a weekly basis on Ransom Note."

Next up is Paula et Dan..

First record you bought?

Quincy Jones – Birdland 2002

What record never leaves your bag?

Jah Wobble, The Edge, Holger Czukay – Snake Charmer (just for A2…)

What are you listening to at the moment?

We have in this rad new collection at the store. Lots of original pressings of South and East African music. Right now, Dollar Brand.

Favourite venue?

Barbarella's Discotheque in the original Garden Festival site – Petrcance. That funky flooring and sweat fest brings back some great memories.

Dream rider?

Crate of Stella

A time machine, one record, one place… where and when?

Rene & Angela – I Love You More, Paradise Garage 82

Death row meal?

Pork scratchings

Back to yours, who's coming dead or alive?

Leslie Nielsen, he seemed like good craic and a big drinker

Best fact?

There is a piece of land in Malta called Sciberras Point, my surname is Sciberras. A coincidence…

Where can we find you? 


Whats next for Paula Et Dan ?

The World's a mystery…

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