In Fields – ‘Monday Is Ok’ Mix


This is a very special Monday mix. This is one for the end of year warriors. for those of you still stuck at office desks up and down the country. It will not be long now until you taste the sweet victory of mulled wine, merriment, mischief and christmas cheer. Cheer up soldier, you are almost there. This mix comes from Ed Cox of the duo In Fields who have recently released on Clouded Vision records. There are some truly great tracks in here from The Horn to the Passions. A step away from the usual tastes of the Monday mix, but who needs weird and wonderful when the anticipation of a holiday awaits. Listen Below and Read The Interview: 

I’ll let you introduce yourself.

I’m Ed Cox, one half of In Fields. 

Tell us a little bit about ‘Stargazing On The Underground’.

It’s a 50/50 Ed and Raoul record. Some are bit more me, some a bit more him. This is one where our input has been about the same. That’s probably why I like it as much as I do. When there’s lots of someone else’s input, it almost feels like you haven’t made it, so you can enjoy the sounds for what they are, without the knowledge of authorship which can spoil the magic a bit. I like not knowing how some of the sounds were made. It’s definitely our most dancefloor-friendly release so far.  

So, to the mix. Where was it recorded?

The mix was recorded in my studio. I’ve moved house and now have a whole room dedicated to my kit. And a piano for the first time since I left home. I have a very understanding wife.

Describe the mix with a GIF

If you could go back to back with any DJ from history, who would it be?

I’d have to get better at DJing first. Like, a lot better. Then, and only then, would I even consider sharing an all nighter with Laurent Garnier.

Who got you hooked on electronic music?

Three people are mainly responsible. I turned up at University with a CD collection of soul and indie bands. After one year spent with Mike Davis, Joe Curtis and Alex Gawley, I was listening to Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Adam Beyer, Aphex Twin and Two Lone Swordsmen. I’m very wary of nostalgia, but they were truly some of the best times. Eye-opening in a way I think music will never be again – simply because I now know so much more.

Best album for motorway driving?

You’ve got to be in the right mood obviously, but Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica is great for motorways. You’ve got a proper stretch to give it the time it deserves.

What’s your favourite release on Clouded Vision?

I like pretty much everything on the label, which is why I was so made up to have a record out on it. I’m going to cheat and say the Level 2 compilation – partly because we’re on it, but also because it displays the range and brilliance of the music Matt puts out.

If money were no object, what piece of kit would you like to get your hands on?

Don’t get me started. I already have way too much. Probably some huge modular beast I’ll never fully understand how to work.

What’s your favourite underground line?

DLR. Driverless and magical with huge windows. 

Show us a funny YouTube video.

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