ELSEMIX: Peak & Swift


Peak's origins are unknown, though it has been said he may have been raised deep in the Brokeback Mountians of East-Saxonia, but this is all mere speculation. Maturing (or not) in the club/rave scene and quickly picking up the art of DJing at the tender age of fifteen, he has made a name for himself in this urban jungle of Berlin. The Swift was brought up by a less than normal band of carnies in southern Germany and spent much of his childhood in such far off places as Istanbul and Kolkata.

Swift was first spotted in the Berlin area around the year 2000 or so when he teamed up with his partner in crime, Peak. They quickly melted their musical interests of house, disco, deep and dubby techno into a powerhouse sound that's main mission was banish the cold, dark, "minimal" sounds of that era in Berlin and warm the city up to the current sound that has taken over now. The duo was seen ducking in and out of the shadows of Berlin's most infamous clubs, before they finally found they're home in the mysterious, Salon – Zur wilden Renate. 

Together the pair are fierce in the booth, spinning an eclectic array of far reaching sounds drawn from years of experience gathered in dark rooms and beneath the flashing lights. 

The pair regularly feature at ELSE, the open air Berlin club which has become a staple of the summer months. 

Lock in and listen as this one bangs… 

Follow Peak & Swift on Facebook HERE. Upcoming ELSE dates can be found HERE. The pair are at Gottwood this evening so keep your eyes peeled.