Craig Bratley: The Ransom Note Mix (Second Leg)


Not exactly centuries later, Mr. Magic Feet Craig Bratley returns with the second part of his mix set he prepared from his poop deck. Toughening his selection up with some prime bangers and acid house dancers, he introduces us to his creepy automaton ally and also shares some more thoughts on his fascination with the hairy chested 1980's cut-price sci-fi legend that is his style guru – Buck Rogers:

Buck Rogers had been accidentally frozen for 504 years before he is revived at the start of the series. What would be the first thing you’d do and why?

Update my status on Facebook, 'Just woke up in the future, mental.'

He has no record or memories of his previous existence on Earth. What things/ events in your life would you rather forget?

I don't have many regrets, however going to Carcassonne last year and missing the whole of Saturday due to coming out of the traps a bit too keen on Friday was rubbish though.  

Buck had his faithful penis-headed robot Twiki to help him on his adventures. Would you enjoy having a robot companion, and what would it look like/ what powers would it have to make the Bratley world better?

I would call him' Eini', we would have hilarious adventures together, he would laugh at all my jokes,  the one's no one else found amusing due to all my references being 500 years old. He would also do the cleaning.

Wilma asks you to go on a date, where do you take her? Is it ethical to date your work colleagues?

I'm the consummate professional so this sort of thing would never happen. If she really was persistent (I bet she would be),  I would take her down to the local chip shop,  where I do all of my courting. To be honest I always had an eye for Princess Ardala, she looked like she would be more fun, a bit more edgy like.

The TV show came about in the wake of the success of Star Wars, and tried it’s hand unsuccessfully at spin-off merchandise. What ideas would you have for cash-rich coin-ins if you were the main star? 

A spin off series based around me and Eini's adventures would no doubt be a huge money spinner. I would like to think of it as being on a similar tip to my all time favourite film, 'Weekend At Bernies'.

Caption competition:

"It's only Ketamine, just have a nail, you'll be fine."

"What you talking about Twiki??"

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