Alexandre Navarro: The ‘Monday Is Okay’ Mix


There is intricate detail in the most sumptuous of electronics. Minor details can elevate and transcend expectations whilst ambience is based upon environment.

Alexandre Navarro is a French musician now based in Paris: born and raised in Bordeaux he has become arguably one of the most interesting experimental producers to emerge from France. A keen guitarist and a manipulator of machines he has released an extensive back catalogue of abstract soundscapes and ambient music on the likes of Sem, Archipel and many more.

We caught up with him as he contributes to our Monday mix series. Listen and download below: 

Sextant (Anti-Matière LP – Archipel 2017)
L'incidence (Daimon EP – Self-released 2015)
Tablachromes (Sketches LP – Constellation Tatsu 2012)
Rêve-Eveil (Anti-Matière LP – Archipel 2017)
Heart Beats on a tape (Elements LP – Sem label 2012)
Spica (La Danse des substances mini LP – Disq An 2014)
Amazone (Anti-Matière LP – Archipel 2017)
Virgo Superclusters (Loka LP – Semlabel 2011)
Terre-Lumière (La Danse des substances LP – Disq An 2014)
Data-Monde (Routes LP – Self-released 2015)
We love (Sketches LP – Constellation Tatsu 2012)
Le Temps du rêve (Routes LP – Self-released 2015)
Petites soeurs (Anti-Matière LP – Archipel 2017)

All tracks produced and mixed/remixed by Alexandre Navarro, May 2017.

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