rahaan talks


Chicago native Rahaan is one of those Djs whose knowledge of disco goes so deep that you get to the party thinking you know your stuff and leave realising you are a novice. The man knows his onions. Ahead of playing the Disco Deviant party on 1st November, we caught up with him for a brief chat….

Hi Rahaan. So, you were in a group called Chuck Brothers, is that right? Is that how things started off for you? How did you come together initially?

Well we was a dance group and we was at all the partys in the mid to late 80s and we got into buying records then shortly after djing. 

Who were the DJs that really introduced you to the artform when you were coming up?

Ron Hardy, WKKC djs Mike Brown, WNUR djs, Steve Hurley, Mickey Mixing Oliver, Frankie Knuckles, Pharris Thomas. 

What do you think it was about Chicago that created the perfect storm for House music to come into being?

Chicago brought all styles of muzik together. For Disco, Jazz, Latin, House Tracks and even hip hop and made it one where anyone can dance to.

Whats the house and disco scene like in Chicago at the moment?

Its doing good and lots of parties going on with great djs out there playing loads of good tunes.

Youre well known for being a bit of an uber-crate digger, what are some of your favourite record shops and, also, do you buy most of your records in actual shops or online these days?

I buy most in record stores and from collectors now. I still love going in a store to just dig…

Are there any holy grails – records youve been trying to get your hands on but are too elusive to find?

Its so many records I want I cant even start, but no one can have everything, but some try…

For some people, edits are a bit of a contentious issue – wether its to do with the royalties not going to the original artists or producers assuming the role of executive producer on music they dont really understand. Where do you stand on the subject?

Well I think when someone do a good edit it will make someone by the original.

Youre playing at the Disco Deviant party on November 1st and Ive noticed you playing all over the UK in recent years. Is the Uk the place you get booked to play most outside of the US?

No, the Netherlands is where Im booked the most.

As a seasoned veteran you must know a thing or two about soundsystems and dj set ups, whats your dream setup to play on – does it include klipschorns and a rotary bozak?!

Thats a loading question. Its good mixers and bad. I love Bozaks Uries DJR400 and if have good strong speakers and amps it should be all good.

Finally, in terms of gigs and releases, what have you got lined up for the rest of the year and beyond?

Japan and Australia and a new release off my new label Street Edits and another label called R-Muzik with samples and stuff just good muzik…

Rahaan plays Disco Deviant on November 1st for a special Halloween party, for which they’ve kitted out the place with a killer Traction Sound system, a fixture at all future Disco Deviant parties. Advance tickets have now sold out but a few will be available on the door-  more info over here.