My House, My Rules: Wilde Renate By Peak & Swift & sebastian Voigt


More 'series' on R$N… god just calm down will you?! 
The first in a series where we chat to residents and key players of disco dancing institutions we rather like about what makes them so special. 

Wilde Renate takeover a room at fabric this weekend so we thought what better place to start than chatting to Sebastian Voigt, Peak and Swift about Renate. 

Can you tell us how WR came into being and it’s story thus far. 

Peak: Tony, one of the 4 owners of the club passed by an old empty residential building daily close to the river on his way to his old venue Senatsreservespeicher.  He was really attracted to it so he try to find out who was the owner of this building. 
First we wanted to do just 1-2 partys there….. the building was in a very bad condition.

What’s the history of the building. 

Seb: it was used as brothel during GDR times, that's pretty much all I know. Ah and Peak's great aunt or so used to live there ages ago but those two facts obviously haven't got anything to do with each other. 
Peak: It's an 100 year old residential building which is abandoned since the late 90's i guess. Until we discovered it new… yeah !

Wilde Renate, what does it look like to everyone on the outside?

Seb: A big old residential building that's clearly seen better days. 
Swift: yep, you won't imagine whats inside from the outside
Peak: From outside it still looks a bit abandoned but the big new wooden fence around our garden let the whole area look mysterious.. Especially in the foggy morning light… and sure.. it's mysterious πŸ˜‰

And what does it really look like from the inside, looking out. 

Seb: Weird and wonderful, like the rabbit hole. The actual club has no windows, but the view from our office is not too bad, we're overlooking the river Spree. 
Swift: Pans labyrinth, in a more friendly Way. Question number one from guests is: where's the exit?
Peak: To be honest I can't explain anything about inside because even between two weekends the club can change his face from sexy swinger party to battleship galactica.

Who the hell do you get to decorate the venue?

Seb: We got our own team 
Peak: Thats right.

Best drink in the club. 

Seb: Anything made by drink wizard Carl in our Absinthe Bar. 
Peak: My favourit right now.. Pisco Sour with egg-white from our Cocktail Bar.

Why has Club Matte never made it to the UK?

Seb: We actually brought a pallet over for Lokee a few years back. People were loving it. Generally I think English people are not so interested in soft drinks, they wanna get pissed.
Peak: That's bad reality…. I don't understand why british party people are usually not interested in high quality drinks for their partys. Just booz booz boooooooz X-P

What has been your best and worst night at the club

Seb: Again, too manyyyyy. Ricardo 13 hour set on a Monday afternoon last December was pretty special. Worst I don't know. Even when it's not so great it's usually alright, 
Peak: Our boat parties, openairs, holiday camp, Miss Renate contest, Mask Ball ……. a lot of great moments!!! To many to mention

Outdoor parties are a key element in Berlin club’s summer activities. How do you ensure you recreate the feeling of the original venue. 

Seb: We don't. Renate stands for itself. We have been hosting floors at festivals where we tried to recreate that vibe, but it's quite an effort. 
Peak: Our annual Poolparty at Renate Garden is a good example….. Or ELSE Openair Club in general.

One person you haven’t had play at the club but would chew your right arm off to have play. 

Seb: Nobody. But I wouldn't mind Andrew Weatherall or Pachanga Boys for example. 
Peak: SVEN VÄTH ! ! ! ALL NIGHT OR DAY LONG.   ….. Daphni or Chemical Brothers DJ-Set. Yeah.

Most badly behaved artist you’ve had through the doors. 

Seb: Haha, I can't tell you. But it was pretty bad. 
Peak: We don't like bad behavior at Renate …. not important if it's a normal guest or big name artist. We want love,peace and happiness. If you don't respect this .. there is the door.

Where are you all from, where are you now?

Seb: The Black Forest. At the Renate office.
Swift: Bavaria, office also.
Peak: Deep from the Brokeback Mountains of East-Saxonia. Now the torturer of Seb and Swift.

Tell us about your relationship with Wilde Renate. 

Seb: Resident, booker, label artist, tenant (studio), voice of reason.
Swift: Resident, graphics, booker, label artist, tenant (studio), shoulder to cry on.
Peak: Renate is kind of my wife in bad and in good times. She is dirty and looks already a bit vintage but I like her like this. Besides this I'm looking for the right sound for our daily life. Invite friends and homies to do music with us on our weekly home partys. Legendary wild & wet. 

What is it that makes it so special? Are there untapped rooms and corners that we don’t or shouldn’t know about?

Swift: Renate has so many rooms with different vibes and music which makes it so funny to stay there for ever. And yes there are still loads of rooms and ideas, but it's a bit to early to talk about that.
Peak: Mhh…. We moved in 7 and half years ago… and I'm still discover new corners at our crip. Sometimes I'm thinking the house is alive… muuaaahh
Seb: It's a bit like a giant emmental cheese 

For anyone not fortunate enough to have got their grubby mitts on Glastonbury tickets tell us about the best outdoor parties in Berlin as an alternative?  I’m sure the Else parties will feature in this so maybe tell us a bit about them too. 

Peak: There are a lot of little "private" outdoor parties in Berlin but no real Openair only Club. So here we are…. ELSE got plants, trees, river, balconies, terraces, food, drinks, music, martin audio sound, …. what ELSE do you want to know? Something ELSE?!

Wilde Renate takeover a room at fabric this weekend. What’s the thinking behind taking a club on tour and how do you capture the magic of the initial space in a new one. 

Seb: We're not taking the club on tour, just the music. Much easier.
Swift: If we do so we try to bring a whole team for decorations, etc to really turn a different venue into Renate
Jan: Maybe I will bring my tutu.

Describe Renate in 5 words 

Swift: dirty, filthy, hot, fun, colorful
Seb: great music, fun, dirty, hot, weird & wonderful
Peak: Red-Room, Green-Room, Halligalli, Absynth, Garden

…and 5 pictures.
Swift: Let me give you 5 of our monthly flyer artworks. 


What is the sound of Berlin at the moment.  

Swift: In my opinion there is not really the one sound of berlin. there are different scenes which co-exist happily together.
Seb: Agreed. The Renate sound is definitely on the warmer, more colorful side, very contemporary in a good way.
Peak: Every club has their own artists and sound. From old-school to contemporary you can find all kind of music at the partys.

Why does no one from Berlin go to Ibiza? It’d be great to hear the reasons from a Berlin resident. 

Seb: Berlin has got Berghain… and Renate of course πŸ™‚
Swift: Also the vibe of berlin parties is different to the ibiza ones. looks are definitely not that important in berlin.
Peak: Berlin: 3€ a beer // Ibiza: 12€ a beer

From what you know and hear, is the new Bar 25 finally happening?

Seb: It's opening soon.
Swift: very soon, but kind of secret πŸ˜‰
Peak: No Bar 25…. just an cultural and creative garden of love in form of a wooden hut.

You’ve got a new single out shortly. Want to chat about that?

Seb: Always difficult to talk about music, but what I can say is that I'm really happy with this record. It's exactly the record I've wanted to make.
Peak: I really like Sebastian's EP but what I don't like is that I never can decide which track I should play next because I love all of them! For real!!!

It’s coming out on Renate’s own record label. Have you ever suggested a clothes or interior decorating arm for Wilde Renate?!

Seb: We do actually sell Renate Shirts in our cloakroom πŸ™‚
Swift: And Renate condoms & cigarettes πŸ˜€
Peak: You can buy me… I'm really decorative.

What was the first electronic record you ever heard? How did it make you feel?

Swift: Some 80s pop my parent's collection; made me dance

Seb: Must have been Bo Hansson or Pink Floyd from my uncle's record collection. I was fascinated by those psychedelic sounds, big influence for me.
Peak: My first self bought CD was Jimi Tenor – Take me baby …… I LOVE IT !!! …and sure… Berlin Loveparade was part of my childhood.

If Wilde Renate's sound was a visual thing, what would it look like?

Seb: A fluffy cloud in 3D technicolor with sharp edges and hidden corners. Slighly in the dark, but vaguely glowing.
Swift: ever changing geometric patterns
Peak: Gummie Bears

What was the music of your teenage rebellion?

Swift: Indie, mostly german stuff, hamburger schule!
Seb: Hip hop, mostly rough mid-nineties east coast stuff like Mobb Deep, Rawkus, Def Jux etc. I was a pretty good scratch DJ actually. 
Peak: Nirvana, Mudhoney, Marylin Manson, Refused, ATR, Prodigy aaand GOAAAA TRAAANCE!!!  

First and last record bought?

Swift: Nirvana – In Utero / Rebolledo – Momentum Drive
Seb: Ice-T ‎– Home Invasion / Five O'Clock Traffic – Let Us Leave To The Machine What Belongs To The Machines
Peak: Jimi Tenor – Take me Baby // Dreems – In the desert EP (multi culti 1) 

What’s your favourite place on earth?
Seb: Home
Swift: Beaches
Peak: mhhh… behind the decks at Renate or PBar?! And my couch, yes!

Complete the sentence: I'm proper techno because…..

Seb: …not sure I'm proper techno… Peak definitely is!

What's the most techno thing Renate and you have ever done?

Seb: You don't wanna know
Swift: I second that
Peak: Only my mother knows.

When did you last stick your head in a bass bin?

Seb: Why should I do that?
Swift: At Else's construction site 
Peak: Our bass is loud enough.. you don't need to do that πŸ˜‰

Are you a kick drum, hi hat or a snare? And why?

Seb: Kick drum i suppose. It's the fundament.
Swift: hihat, sounds like opening a bottle
Peak: a looong and loud snare! Sounds sexy and real.

Do you actually make gateaux in the Black Forest?

Seb: I'm sure someone does, I've never had one there though.

What are you obsessed with at the moment?

Seb: My modular synth
Swift: Our new agency – Agentur Renate
Peak: Seb and Swift… 

What's your answer to everything?

Seb: Love and reason
Swift: True that
Peak: Eeeerm…

Anything else we should’ve discussed. 

Seb: Think so, not sure what else we could possibly talk about.
Peak: Who are you guys again?

Peak and Swift and Sebastian Voigt work and play at Wilde Renate.

They also play at fabric, London this weekend as part of the Wilde Renate takeover of Room 3

Sebastian Voigt's new EP is out soon. Listen here: