Label To Label: Local Talk Vs. Wolf Music


Local Talk and Wolf Music. Seperately, two of the most respected European house labels around in our most humble of opinions. Together… well, bar some sort of hostile takeover that's not going to happen, it should make for a great interview format right?

Swedish duo Mad Mats and Tooli run Local Talk out of Stockholm, having come together in 2011 and since released artists such as HNNY and Black Fan.

Wolf Music are local boys Matt and Stu, two house/disco fanatics who aim to push the aesthetic forwards whilst remaining true to real house culture.

Given their like-minded approach to running a label and the fact they're in London this weekend, we thought what better way to get to know the guys than to ask them to interview each other? Saves us having to write questions anyway. Let's give it a go then, eh?

Local Talk Ask The Questions!

As the massive (!!!) Local Talk fans we know you are, in what way have Local Talk inspired Wolf Music? 😉

Mats’ hat collection has always been a big inspiration on the Wolf Music sound.

Will any of you guys spin a Local Talk tune on the night at Lightbox, and which one? And even more interesting, which Local Talk track would you never ever play?

Stu: I’ve got a particular soft spot for Claes Rosen ‘Wonderful’ so that might get a drop. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to play that Midas Touch version of HNNY. Always felt a bit too Jive Bunny to me.

Matt: The new Adesse Versions EP is a slammer, but I wouldn't steal your thunder by playing it on Sat. Possibly 'Foxtooth' from Atjazz – been collecting his records for the past 15 years, and that track does the business. Never play… probably HNNY 'For The Very First Time' – I messaged him on Soundcloud when he first put it up, only to find out it was one of yours already. The one that got away…

Your house is on fire and the whole record collection is destroyed except one Local Talk record, which one is it?

Matt: Black Fan – 'In The Water' EP. Black Fan is one of my closest friends and to see him getting his first EP released was a moment. 

Stu: HNNY – 'For The Very First Time' (the original of course).

Peanut Butter Wolf, Wolf + Lamb, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Virginia Woolf. All working for Wolf Music – please let us know: who runs the label, who produces the tracks, who takes care of the PR and who DJs?

Mozart pon decks, Virginia on PR duties, PBW produces the tracks and Wolf + Lamb run the label but also take the bins out.

If you had to quit the label tomorrow, what would you do instead, any particular dreams you would want to follow / try out? Work with music is not an option.

Matt: 18-30's club rep in Magaluf.

Stu: I’d probably set up a brunch spot with bottomless Bloody Marys on tap. That's the dream right there.


Wolf Music Ask The Questions!

We first saw Matt's DJing in the B-Bar at Southport Weekender 10 years ago. Does he remember us? Matt was wearing a jumper. Tooli did you used to visit Southport?

Mats: Probably not as only supa nerdy jazz heads, edgy hip hop DJs or +62 old soul fanatics made it on my radar back then….sorry ;). But I do remember that jumper…it was bright pink right?

Tooli: The short answer to that question is no. 

What is the local scene like where you live?

Mats: Stockholm has no local scene, its all gone Berlin…go figure!

Tooli: I live next to a cemetery so the local scene is pretty much dead to be honest. 

Should Britain remain in the EU?

Mats: Why not?

Tooli: That’s a very interesting question. I do think we should devote a few hours on this subject on Saturday and discuss at Lightbox with all the guests too. Should be fun. 

When DJing, we are often asked if we are brothers (we are not…yet), are there any common questions you get asked?

Mats: How do I get in contact with HNNY, I wanna ask him for a remix?

Tooli: Off the top of my head the 5 most asked ones would probably be 1. Can I have your autograph? 2. What Is the local scene like where you live? 3. How do you pronounce Kyodai? 4. Will it be released on vinyl? 5. Will it be released on digital format? 

What are your plans for world domination in 2016?

Mats: Stage a hostile takeover and buy out Wolf Music so we have the European house market all to ourselves. 

Tooli: No plans, world domination feels a bit like 2001. 

'Shuush: Local Talk Records vs. Wolf Music' is at Lightbox on Nov 21. Tickets available here.