Fleetmac Wood Talk


We love high concept at RSN. So, too, do the folks behind Fleetmac Wood – the sporadic London party that zooms in on Fleetwood Mac's back catalogue to such an extent that every track on the night is a re-edit or remix of some Mac superhit or beardy b-side. We caught up with them for an inevitably themed Q&A…

Tell us about the history and concept behind Fleetmac Wood in case people are really, really stupid reading this?
Fleetmac Wood is a re-edit/remix project and an experiment in musical gluttony.  Every six months or so we put on a party with a curated selection of new edits. The rules for all the DJs are no cover versions just the The Mac and solo projects. The last two parties we put on have had an incredible response. Everyone is there because they really love the music and theres a real festival feeling.
What have been the highlights of the night thus far?
Weve had some great edits sent in and the nights themselves are a real celebration – lots of happy faces and excitement. Its not like a normal club night. Its a six hour marathon of Mac and were all in it together. 
Do you theme the events? I imagine a Tusk party would be a pretty challenging evening?
Our last party had an 80s video vibe but our next one on the 23rd of March – White Winged Dove Party is inspired by the cover of Bella Donna by Stevie Nicks. Theres a white dress code and there will be a few surprises on the night.
What do you think the enduring appeal of the Mac is?
Melodically rich songs you can dance and sing along to. They have a back catalogue that is filled with hits across multiple genres. Added to that is their tumultuous history which has added to their intrigue.
If you could only have one Mac song playing on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Why only one song? Thats cruel. I think Ive heard Dreams a thousand times and I still want to sing along so that one if I had to listen to it for all eternity but I have other favourites. Big Love for the dance floor and Silver Springs for the headphones.
I'm not sure thunder only happens when it rains does it? I reckon the mac have been leading up the wrong path for a while with that. Surely it should be Thunder only happens just after it lightnings?! Doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it tho I guess?
Its pretty clear Stevie Nicks is not a meteorologist but I think she was looking for a way of saying drama/excitement doesnt happen without tears and it rhymes nicely with players only love you when their playing.
Have you had a go at designing the Mac tour poster. The current one's pretty shit:
"Help ignite the Fleetwood Mac LIVE 2013 tour by designing an official tour poster for the band! One winner will receive $500 and your design will be printed and personally signed by Mick Fleetwood himself!" 
Oh wow, I better get on to this. Hope Im not too late to enter that.
"If I could turn the page
In time then I'd rearrange just a day or two"  (Little Lies).
Which day or two would you rearrange from your life… or indeed any point in time?
Big question. My answer is a little too personal to share. Lets keep it light!
Are you going to be supporting the Mac at Glastonbury this year?
Well it doesnt really look like they are playing with the timings of their American tour. Perhaps they are planning next year? Wed love to do a tent at Glastonbury this year to fill The Mac gap.
Did you get tickets for the Mac? 
Actually we have tickets to their Sacramento show in July. Just down the road from where they recorded Rumours. A pilgrimage of sorts.
Have you got in touch with the Mac to put in a guest appearance at Fleetmac in September when they're here? 
We havent been in contact yet but obviously wed love to meet them. Ive got a tambourine waiting for Stevie just in case she would like to pop in.
What's your favourite Mick Fleetwood haircut?
Well Mick has had the same hair for years, its just silvery and a bit sparse on top these days. Lindsey Buckingham has really had some impressive cuts over the years. I liked his curly fro and white suit look circa 1976.
Describe Fleetmac Wood in one line from a Mac song.
Chain…keeps us together 
Anything you want to talk about but i have neglected to ask?
Were doing a call out for new edits for our next party. If youre a producer and you love Fleetwood Mac, get editing and send it to us by the 22nd of March. soundcloud  facebook
And while you're here – have an exclusive listen to this stormer of a rework of the Stevie Nicks' 'Stand Back' from Mojo Filter, who'll be headlining the next Fleetmac Wood on 23rd March – info on the party here.
Check out this mojo filter rework of Stand Baxk