Dixon Avenue Basement Jams TALks


The rather hot Glaswegian record label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams has been causing quite a stir of late. They took time out to speak to Dance Tunnel owner Dan Beaumont about their celebrated but somewhat mysterious vinyl-only label, acid house experiences, pizza toppings and life changing records…

Dan Beaumont: Who the hell are you?

DABJ: Dan Monox and The Wasp.

Why did you start a label? Does its recent success surprise you?

We’d wanted to start a new label for a while that was a slig departure from our previous label MNX, something that was both dance-floor orientated yet twisted freaky shit at the same time. It’s definitely surprised us, as we’d planned to do really small runs of the first release and take it from there, but it’s grown arms and legs. 

Why is it important to release on vinyl only?

It’s not important to us, it just so happens that’s what we like. To us the most important thing is the music, not the medium.

GIve us three records from the last three decades that started your journey to form the label- ’10s, ’00s, ’90s…

These change every week, and we can’t remember which decade was which. So here’s three records that kinda shaped us.


DJ Deeon – Deeon Doez Disco                       

Lory D – Ghill

Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000 – My Computer Eats An Acid Trip (Dexter remix)


Phuture – Acid Tracks 

DBX – Losing Control

The Other People Place – Life Styles Of The Laptop Cafe

Which artist would you most like to sign?

Rick James.

Describe the most acid house dancefloor experience you have had so far…

So many in fields, warehouses and clubs in our life times that it’s hard to choose, but…

Dan: The first time I witnessed Lory D live (Bitz festival in Rome 2000).

Wasp: Many nights in Disco X at The Soundhaus.

What tips can you give people who want to start their own record label?

Don’t do it for the money, do it for the music.

If DABJ was a pizza what would the toppings be?

Dan: Spicy lamb.

Wasp: Swedgers and gear.

What makes Glasgow such fertile ground for house and techno? 

There’s as much shit as there is good. Much like any other city.

What is your favourite Romanthony track?

The Wanderer.

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams will be at Dance Tunnel alongside Marquis Hawkes this Saturday 22nd June from 10pm.
Full details here.