Curses Talks


Rather than simply being a word that Dick Dastardly says before 'foiled again', this Curses has much more to him – so much so that he'd probably be able to catch that pigeon with his bare hands. Curses is the nocturnal moniker of renowned producer Luca Venezia, an American house and techno-inspired 'creative type' who now finds himself in the 'trendy' surroundings of Berlin. He's even coming over to London in a couple of weeks time too, so we decided to make the most of this opportunity to find out a little bit more about him;

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Curses and I make and play nocturnal house, techno, and ambient music.

Why should we be listening to your music?

It is romantic.

Fill in the blanks:

If you're not a fan of Psy-Trance, you'll love me. 

Who is making the music that you're hoping to rival?

Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, and Steve Reich if I'm lucky.

Describe your sound without using the letter 'e'.

Amorous and haunting.

When did music last make you shed a tear?

Recently when I saw Morricone conduct a masterpiece at the O2. The encore of Ecstacy of Gold is what did it.

Who inspired you to get into music? Who inspires you now?

Johnny Cash, Jeff Mills, and Boards Of Canada at youth. Artists like Barnt, Tin Man, Silent Servant inspire me to keep pushing today.

What's on the way from you in the next few months?

I have an EP on Whitesquare and Dar Shirazi's new label, Lyase Recordings, Come to Me dropping end of Aug/Sep with killer remixes by them both, and a track on Safer At Night's first big compilation, Nyctophilia Vol. 1. Then a bunch of remixes as well (that I have to finish today actually!)

Where do you think you'll be on March 2nd 2018?

Skydiving somewhere tropical with my wife.

What’s your shoe size?


What's your favourite curse word? (We promise we'll print it)

Classic but deadly, FUCK.

Has anyone ever put a curse on you? Or have you ever put a curse on someone else?

All the time. I stay safe with my Palo Santo everywhere I go.

You're playing at fabric soon, what's your favourite fabric?

Quantum Stealth. Magic invisible cloaks are now reality thanks to the military. Google it.

Do you read books still? If so, what sort and what have you read recently?

I just finished revisiting 1984. Such a romantic yet pyschological futuristic mind fuck that's very, very close to reality now.

Sandals with socks?

Who raised you?

What do you smell like?

Bois D'Orage by Frederick Malle. 

How do you take your tea?

I am Sicilian, therefore I am more of an espresso man, thank you.

What can we expect to hear from you in the next few months?

Living in Berlin now, I'm getting more and more inspired by the dark and melodic yet driving techno. This is creeping into my sets and production.

See Curses at fabric on 19th June – more info and tickets here.

Photo credit: Oliver of Voena.