ben sun talks


London based Australian Ben Sun makes his Dance Tunnel debut this weekend alongside Chicago legend Tevo Howard. His recent release on Delusions Of Grandeur, Footprints, has had rave reviews, both for his original and the ’80s synth heavy remix from the party’s headliner, Tevo Howard. Ahead of Saturday, Dance Tunnel caught up with producer Ben Sun to find out more about his musical roots, favourite dead DJs and more…

Who, historically speaking, does your love of vinyl stem from?

I have to give it up to Emile Berliner, the inventor of flat, spiral groove record discs back in 1887. It still makes me trip how he worked that one out. But I think my love is my own; though I’ve been lucky to have some amazing, if historically anonymous, guides along the way.

What’s your favourite LP artwork?

It changes like with clothing. Pick of the day is on my wall, Weather Report – Mr Gone. Some sort of psychedelic afro-cosmic dream scene, with a pleasant looking just-lit cigarette sitting POV in the foreground. It’s so casual and epic at the same time.

What are your top tips for your hometown of Adelaide in terms of both producers and clubnights?

When I get to visit Radelaide, I mostly hang out at Cuckoo, Dragonfly and Sugar. That is where you will meet the city’s most talented and attractive sons and daughters with a party vibe. Just look out for a midnight marauder known as Eric The Falcon and things will begin to make sense.

If you had a time machine and could be active in any era of music, which would it be?

To the very first night when a group of nomads starting beating sticks together to the tempo of their own heartbeats. Chanting and bugging out on whatever they were consuming that evening. That would’ve been the shit. Discovering the ecstatic-hypnotic power of a group throw-down. Things haven’t changed that much.

What is one track you wished you’d written? (for the content and not for the financial gain!)

I Wanna Be Your Lover by Prince. “I wanna be your mother and your sister too / Wanna be the only one that makes you come run-ning” etc. Great song!

Favourite dead DJ?

Does Arthur Russell count as a DJ? I’m saying Arthur Russell on account of his genius and wild influence on dance music. Apparently he got all inspired when he first saw Nicky Siano spin at a house party. So DJing is what changed his musical course.

What are you most proud of signing to your label Voyeurhythm?

Well the way the project works, it’s kinda like a co-op. We’re all a big VR family pitching in. But one of my favourite tracks was Elliott Thomas – Desert Light. And I’m well pleased to have ongoing input from the Francis Inferno Orchestra, one of the funniest orchestras on the scene.

Where is the best place you’ve played so far this year?

Barbarella’s, recently at the Garden Festival in Croatia. That place is dreamy. Funktion One system under the stars, everyone still in their swimming gear, group hugs at sunrise… All the crew at Garden were very lovely too, can’t beat that vibe.

The Tevo Howard remix of your track Your Footprints sounds a bit Depeche Mode. Do you prefer his remix or your own original?

I never really know what to think of my own tracks, they just come out that way. But Tevo’s mix is fresh, I love it. It’s unique and original, and that’s what we wanted from him.

Would you rather be Larry Levan or Larry Heard?

Larry David, his balding, badly dressed ass somehow pulls more fine women than both of them put together. But yeah Mr Fingers is one of the constant inspirations and reference points throughout my musical days.

Ben Sun plays Dance Tunnel Presents this Saturday 3rd August alongside Tevo Howard.