Artist To Artist: Detroit Swindle


So then… Artist to Artist eh?
After the last Mr C and Tyree Cooper we've taken a step into the future and asked rising stars Detroit Swindle pick the AtoA torch and run with it…  Good job we've just discovered they've got a rather fine sense of humour then isn't it.

Here were the ramshackle results…

Lars: So Maarten. First things first. When did the moustache come into play?

Maarten: It was about 7 years ago during a snowboarding trip. We went with a bunch of friends and we all brought stupid Austrian costumes to do a Tiroler Schnapps party. I decided to add a little facial hair to my outfit and the next day, my girlfriend (now wife) told me I looked rather hot with the tache on and the stupid outfit off… I kept it ever since. 

L: So it was the wife! Now that everyone knows you're married, what's the secret to keeping her happy?


M: The secret probably lies somewhere between not getting too smashed every weekend so that you’re actually alive during the week to do fun stuff, and bringing her along every now and then to enjoy a good party together. Oh, and play enough hiphop when I’m at home cause house is not really her thing.

L:Ok, i get it. But what's the secret to keeping me happy?


M: hahah…I’m ace at spotting the hot chicks in the crowd and direct them to you and act as your wingman whenever the situation asks for it. 

M: So, enough about my girl. If Detroit Swindle was a girl, what would she look like?


L: She'd have a big ol' butt wrapped in silk undies that are covered in chocolate sprinkles and thumbtacks.

M: Finish this sentence: I solemny swear that I…

L: Will have witnesses when shouting 'shotgun' next time! Your shotgun cheating days are over my friend!

M: Haha.. I didn’t hear that, what did you say?

L: Yeah yeah, whatever. Lets talk about some music. everyone knows we’ve had no musical training whatsoever, but you've played some drums in a former life. What musical instrument would you rather have learned?


M: I would have loved to play the piano. Actually know something about chords, harmonies, stuff like that. Now i’m just a mess when it comes to dropping a solid chord set.. 

M: Even though we’re about as musical as a squirrel on a banjo, you know how to work the mixer quite well.. Tell me about that one thing you always do when you’re dj’ing?


L: I am probably the best 'non audible' fader/eq handler in the world. Doing a lot but actually doing nothing. Something I picked up after my years as an eclectic DJ, when I actually had to use that much of the faders/EQ's.

M: If you have to choose, would you go for less beer or less sleep?


L: I like beer, no, I really like beer. Did I tell you that I really like beer? I really like beer. Love it!

L: People tell you that you look like Freddy Mercury, would you say that's accurate?


M: Yes. definitely. He had a moustache too. 
And he looked great in singlets. 

L: Whats the first record you ever bought on vinyl?

M: My first record was something like an old Lionel Hampton or Dave Brubeck LP from a second hand store. Loved that jazzy stuff already when I was quite young. 

M: What about you, what’s the last record you bought on vinyl?


L: Secret Squirrels #3. Crazy ass disco banger. 

M: I know you're a big movie fan. Tell me this: Who’s worse at acting: Keanu Reeves or Vin Diesel?


L: Have you seen any Keanu movie? This guy can play 1 personality; Keanu Reeves. So yeah, Vin Diesel is by far the worst actor… 😉

M: Let’s say they’re both horrible. but still fun to watch. How about your guilty pleasure? Do you have any?


L: It's not really a guilty pleasure, but I can't live without having my cup of tea. And not just tea, the english way; dark like coffee with milk and sugar. Tea is for me what spinach is for Popeye.

M: Playstation or Xbox?

L: Let's just say, Princess Kenny is my mate!

L:  Speaking about South Park, which character of Southpark resembles you most?

M: Manbearpig! Cause i’m half man, half bear, and half pig!

L: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


M: Living on a tropical island in a nice villa next to your tropical island in your villa with a floating studio in between. Want a cocktail? 

L: What do you think is the best part of us working together?

M: It’s your hysterical enthusiasm and my awesome brain powers together that give us unlimited powerrrrrrrrrr.

L: F*ck bitches, get …………….?

M: eeh..babies?  no wait, get money….

M: So i get money and babies. How about you? What do you wanna be when you grow up?


L: I would like to be a banker and swindle people out of their retirement funds. Or a m*thafuckin' hustlah, better aks somebody…


Catch Detroit Swindle at Junk Department Big Top on May 3rd alongside Jamie Jones, Maya Jane Coles, Dyed Soundorom and Laura Jones. Full details and tickets are here.