Artist To Artist: Danny Daze & Shokh


It is always interesting to observe the reinvention of a musician. Danny Daze is an artist who's sound has changed and evolved following a reign of success at the start of the decade. However, more recently his sound has regressed back to darker territories. His Omnidisc record label (a continuation of former label Omniamm – circa 2005) has begun to experiment with new sounds and sonics and has become a label synonymous with quality. The label has released music by the likes of Cliff Lothar, Drvg Cvltvre and Shokh

It is the latter with whom he recently collaborated with on a track as part of the Kompakt Speicher series. The pair worked together to craft a track of rugged moody techno with a sense of self. Now seemed like a perfect opportunity to spin the wheel once again and check in on Danny as he speaks honestly with Shokh. 

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Danny Daze: – You stopped making music a couple years ago, around 2012. I’m wondering why you stopped and why you are back now in 2017?

Shokh – It’s hard to explain in words. I just was not motivated any more. I was fed up with the music and the scene. I sold a good amount of records and had a lot of connections. But it just didn’t feel right any more, so I took a break. When I look back now this was the total right decision that I could see myself and the scene from the outside and develop myself in a better way than if I had stayed in there. 

Shokh: – Have you ever thought about quitting?

DD – Gotcha. I basically wanna quit every single Sunday. HA! There are times where I’ve wanted to stop making music, but it’s mostly because of how much effort I tend to put into the music. It consumes most of my time, so I’ve lost quite a few friends and relationships simply because of the focus that goes into the music production, DJing and the record label. 

DD – I like the fact you found Omnidisc, even though it was quite a young label, what made you gravitate towards it?

Shokh – When I made some tracks I was thinking who might be interested in them. I just had a look at my shopping cart that was filled with a digit files, I started to realise I had a bunch of tracks from Ominidisc there. I thought that the sound might fit and I also liked the experimental approach and the fact that it’s a label that seems to keep going on its own. It had a unique sound that was not infected by hypes or trends from outside. 

DD – Yeah that’s the approach we enjoy. Do you see yourself DJing again? I know you have a full time job, but if all the right energy is in place, do you see yourself making it your full time deal? 

Shokh – At the moment I cannot imagine becoming a full time musician. But I am open on how things develop. I know how it is to earn your money through music only and I have a lot of respect for people who do that. At the moment it just feels right to do whatever I want without paying attention to if I can afford to pay my rent. But honestly, my ambition is to have that feeling and make music and DJ only. 

DD – So I guess the intention of your music now is to be 100% yourself. And not to have to worry about money, thats good. 

Shokh – Exactly 

DD – I really think money does effect creativity. You start making music and ask yourself “is this a hit?” Which is the worst thing ever.

Shokh – That's what I mean. You have to deal with this issue somehow and some people can do it. I am not so far. But I also think this can change over night. 

DD – It's definitely hard. I’m not very good at it either. So talking about this then, what is it about other artists that you admire? Is it just artists that are 100% themselves?

Shokh – Yeah I think you can say it like this. In music and in any art, one's state of mind is transported. I can hear that. And it's very important to me. Marcel Dettmann is one example that I have respect for the most. He's been doing his thing for years and kept staying strong even there is this hype around him. But I have no special producer I look up to. There are too many I respect equally. I always look forward to productions of the guys from Clone, Robert Hood, Mike Dehnert, Fango, Rachmad, etc. They are always delivering. I am also digging into the past. Always something to discover. 

DD – Speaking of him he actually played your track ‘The Man’ at Dekmatel the other day. It always feels good when someone you admire plays your music. You have anything else coming up? We have just released our joint specoeerr release, but do you have anything else coming up? 

Shokh – Yeah that made me really happy. I felt like back when I started making music and hearing someone playing my record for the first time. 
I have some stuff flying around on my computer, but there are no decisions yet. My focus is totally on Ominidisc. It's good to be a part of the family now and seeing and helping things develop. I like that I have become part of this more at the beginning. Hope to jump in the studio with you again, whatcha thinking?

DD – Yeah man when I get back to Berlin. It was cool chatting and getting a bit of how you think, it's always good to have artists that think this way on the label. That's completely what were about. 

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