Audio Love 15.5.14

Joe Europe has an Audio Love affair with Craig Smith, Pittsburg Track Authority and Call Super

Audio Love 15.5.14

Joe Europe has an Audio Love affair with Craig Smith, Pittsburg Track Authority and Call Super



Teng are becoming a bit of a staple it these pages and rightly so. Over the course of their 12 releases they’ve shown a depth and diversity that’s not that common these days. Their releases so far have gone from the jagged, acidic techno of the recent Paul Mac EP to this latest release from Craig Smith (of 6th Borough Project fame) which is beautifully put together, smooth house music.


The EP consists of two original tracks, “Only When It’s Darkest” and “Matter Don’t Matter” plus remixes of the former by Phlash and Fabio Della Torre. It’s the originals that really do it for me. The title track is a bright and open house track with a broken beat, lush strings and a few choice piano licks here and there. “Matter Don’t Matter” takes the tempo down considerably (we’re talking 110bpm ish) which gives the whole track plenty of room to breathe. Of the remixes of “Only When It’s Darkest” Fabio's offering is my favourite – it’s spacious and dreamy.


Oh and the artwork is fucking brilliant as ever. Fantastic EP from a fantastic label.


Out 19th May on “glorious vinyl” and (presumably glorious) digital





I’ve been digging these guys work for some time now and it seems like a good moment for them to drop their debut album. Part of me wishes it was really awful so I could make some terrible pun about it being the pits (this is why you don’t want to end up next to me at a drinks party) but it’s not. It’s the real deal. They meander from slowed down, fuzzy, funk sampled house chug to faster, wobbly techno to weirdo, wandering electro. It’s all funky as hell and I can’t wait for the wax to arrive!


Out now on wax - get it here




Call super and Houndstooth have a bit of a history together, with this current EP being his third for the label. I first picked up on Call Super with his Black Octagons EP last year and was impressed by his blend of weighty, warmly distorted drums and dreamy atmospherics. The title track seems to be able to pound a dancefloor whilst simultaneously calming it.


So it was with a certain level of anticipation that I checked out this new release which has just dropped. The results are very pleasing. He carries on exploring the same sonic territory as Black Octagons; at the same time pounding and smooth, harsh and dreamy. I think Depicta will get more play by me but both are strong tracks.


Out now on wax - Get from Phonica right here


Joe Europe


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