Psychogeography: #18 – Imyrmind In Berlin


A new dawn has seen the rise of a number of beatmakers and producers whom transcend the stereotypical narrative of genre. IMYRMiND is one such artist, an up and comer based in Berlin who has been releasing music most prominently on Money Sex Records. The label run by Max Graef, Glenn Astro & Delfonic has released several EP's across a number of years however 2017 will see them release his debut album. Titled "Uniwersum Luxus" the record is a blend of dubbed out hip hop, dusty house and patched loops. It's rough, rugged and ready, exactly as a striking collection of beats should be. 

We caught up with him as he shows us a different side to Berlin…

"The following is a collection of places that are part of my everyday life in Berlin Wedding so to speak. This is where I spend most of my time and where I meet my friends, also it’s maybe an insight in a different kind of Berlin away from Kreuzberg,Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln where the shit usually goes down for everybody." 

This is my living room, where I’m currently typing this, also this is the place where I think about how to destroy the industry. Doom watches over everything.


Starting things of with food of course, this one is a killer really! A small and pretty much hidden African food joint right on Müllerstrasse. Go for the soso falafel with peanut sauce, but dont wonder if they start laughing when you answer their question whether you want it spicy or not with „yes“. Their chilligame is so on point that it’ll burn twice brother, believe me but it’s definitely worth it.


This place is run by a super nice Italian couple. she looks like an artist and the guy usually doesnt say a word, but he’s cool haha. They constantly change their furniture and interior accessories, because you can buy most of the things inside I think. Their tiramisu is a gamechanger, the coffee is quite alright too – not to Australian standards though. Life is not really the same after you had some coffee in Melbourne, trussss me! – They have a carefully chosen range of cheese and wine and it’s really nice to hang there during the summer when it’s still warm in the evening.


Those guys have the best baklava in town if you ask me. I’m still testing things out, but their stuff is the undisputed heavyweight champion so far. The pistacchio and almond baklava bro… take 4 of each. Glenn Astro used to live right across the street. This is where they produced most parts of the yardwork simulator – whenever I came to visit, you know where I went first.


This is not Wedding anymore but it’s musically the most important part of town for us right now I think. This is the spot where everything sort of happens.  The band uses it for practise and we all produce here, I made a lot of the album here. We joined forces and got the studio around summer last year.  There is no ventilation, no daylight and no heating.

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